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How Magick Works:

The Science of It

We're not going to describe a bunch of mystical and metaphysical beliefs using new age jargon. - We are going to tell you the science of it. So, if you didn't understand high school biology, then stick to the fluffy stuff. - If you need something more substantial to base your beliefs on, this is the meat and potatoes of magick.

Let's start at the very basics, DNA.

All animals, including you and me, begin as a single egg. Once fertilized, that egg becomes many different kinds of cells. Altogether, humans have thousands of kinds of cells. Each is specialized for use by different parts of your body, in the brain, the liver, the skin, and so on.

Remarkably, the DNA inside all these cells is exactly the same.

What makes the cells differ from one another is that different genes in that DNA are either turned on or off in each type of cell.

Take a typical cell, such as a red blood cell. Each gene within that cell has a coding region. This region encodes the information used to make a particular protein, such as the hemoglobin in the red blood cells seen here. (Hemoglobin shuttles oxygen to the tissues and carbon dioxide back out to the lungs or gills, if you're a fish.)

But, another region of the gene, called "regulatory DNA," determines whether and when the gene will be expressed or turned on, in a particular kind of cell.

Regulatory DNA make the initial decisions of which genes switches to turn on or off in different body regions and cell types. Later in a person's development, epigenetic switches take over. These epigenetic mechanisms act to maintain the fate of cells by doing what the other genes and other transcription factors did earlier, namely, controlling the "on" and "off" state of genes within each cell. This highly evolved, highly orchestrated ability to make genes active or inactive-both genetically and epigenetically-is the key to the success of multicellular plants and animals, including the most complex and mysterious of all, humans.

So, the basics tell us that genes aren't the final answer to our being, but, as they say, everything is relative. And with our genes, it's relative to our lifestyle and on about everything we encounter throughout our life, including how we were raised, the amount of nurturing we received as children, whether we were stressed as children, and so on into our adult life all the way up until death. In other words, we are constantly evolving and can influence those genes that are so responsive and throw our switches!

What does this mean? We Can Change!

Not all genes are changeable as of yet, or at least we have not discovered the exact causes required to initiate those switches, but many are! Our emotional responses and personalities directly affect our weight, health, disease growth, sleep patterns, physical aging, mental computation, and so many more areas!

So, how does magick come to play in all of this? Our belief system, our emotional foundation, and our fears all trigger chemicals to be produced in our brains that flip our epigenome switches. These switches are also flipped by environmental factors, lifestyles, and chemicals, just to name a few. All these factors have one major common denominator; ENERGY. All of the chemical reactions in our brain are connected to the use, availability, storage, and by products of energy.

Magick is the act of manipulating energy through the use of extreme focus, great mental efforts, meditation, use of natural substances that initiate chemical reactions, and a generation of energy force that causes a reactionary change in another energy source to evoke changes.
So, let's break it down.

If we are stressed out, financially broke, lonely, and hate our lives, we are using a chemical like serotonin, and this creates use of energy in our brain in a certain way. Changing the way we use this energy can affect the way we use serotonin and change our outlook, help us sleep better, think more clearly, feel more optimistic, motivate us physically and emotionally to generate changes that lead to the recognition of opportunities to better our lives.

Magick done on our behalf, jump starts the direction of those energies that will affect the use of chemical productions leading to more positive outcomes.

It is in a sense like an energy field ripple effect. Naturally, the more people direct their own energy towards the common goal, the more expedient and effective the outcome of the magick is.

So, we dedicated ourselves to generating the right kind of energy through years of studies and practice using knowledge from multiple generations passed down, as well as, our more modern college degrees to collaborate a better use of the power of magick that we know as energy.

So, if you want to experience the actual transfer of energy into your life, to flip your switch, visit us and we will be happy to help.


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